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Desc:Yeah, it's all a publicity stunt, but it's awesome.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Sports
Tags:Olympics, Jamaica, 8-bit, bobsled, Sochi
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infinite zest
I'd like to think that there was one guy who worked for the International Olympic Committee who had to push "block," and shed a single tear whilst doing so.
infinite zest
Dogecoins were a major sponsor for the Jamaican bobsled team this year.
infinite zest
Here's a temporary video:


I'm sure it'll be up soon enough and I hate linking to those yahoo things.

infinite zest
"Now watch a bunch of SNL clips and some other shit you don't care about while your browser is slowed down." News Flash Yahoo, more like "Yawho" am I right fellas?

I am honestly a little surprised that Yahoo still exists.

I kept using their email service for way longer than I should have, but then a couple years back they decided to start randomly locking people out of their accounts and that was the end of the line for me.

infinite zest
God, when I worked back at the Opera I'd see some ancient ones.. excite, altavista, netscape, even teleport. Half my work there was responding to e-mail blasts and ostensibly none of them daemoned back to us..

You know what I miss? ProFusion. The douchebags who've taken over their old URL make me very sad.

Also, it sucks that AltaVista is now well and truly dead; I just checked, and it redirects to Yahoo. I never really cared for AltaVista, but it's a piece of our history, and it's gone forever.

Honestly, Youtube has been slowing my laptop to a crawl lately, ever since maybe the flash update before last. Like, it's almost unwatchable a lot of the time. Embedded videos are fine, but visiting the actual site can be brutal. This didn't give me any trouble at all.

Jet Bin Fever
Heaven forbid we have a little fun International Boolympic Committee.
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