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Desc:Starts at 8:27. Just, ridiculous.
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:Jedi, Punch-Out!!, blindfold, AGDQ, impractical skillset
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Jet Bin Fever
Companion Piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSr3aXd4XuQ
I probably should've submitted this one instead. Holy shit.
infinite zest
If I recall, super punch out was easier than regular, unless my reflex skills just improved from age ten to age sixteen, which is entirely possible. But I beat Super Punch Out, and regular Punch Out is still sitting somewhere in my parents' basement, luckily not smashed into tiny pieces by a frustrated little kid named "me."

Jet Bin Fever
I played a lot of both and it's true that the original was a lot harder. I just thought it was amazing how he guessed his times exactly on the first several fights and all. Just a mastery of the game that I could've never had at 12 years old.

While Super Punch-Out is easier, Zallard does mention that in all the time he practiced, he only beat it once blindfolded, and this is a guy who has mastered all the Punch-Out games. The way he ended up beating it on-camera was a crazy miracle, too. Both he and Sinister deserve lots of love.

infinite zest
I really don't have the words to describe how awesome this whole 50 minutes was to watch. And that's not just because I could never get past the Tiger Guy with my eyes wide open. This organization is simply outstanding.
Yeah, SDA's charity marathons are pretty great. It's fun to watch people take games I used to think I was pretty good at and hilariously demolish them while a live audience politely claps like they're watching golf.

They keep figuring out new ways to beat Ocarina of Time faster every year.

infinite zest
Yeah I was trying to think of any games I was ever really really good at, and the only one I can think of was Katamari Damacy.. the guy's record on here was 31:49 and I think I've beaten it in under 40.. I used to be so into that game.

infinite zest
Also how is 'impractical skillset' not a linked tag on poeTV?!?!

Extra stars for using a Karate Kid headband as a blindfold.
This and the close-as-hell Super Metroid race were the highlights of Awesome Games Done Quick this year in my opinion, but there were a lot of great moments.
Jet Bin Fever
Oh man, I saw that one too. I don't usually like watching Let's Plays and all those "watch someone else play a videogame" things, but my god these people have practiced and practiced enough to make it an art.

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