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Tags:politics, Revolution, Ukraine, protestors, kiev
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Comment count is 10
This is really stretching the word "protest".

The Germans and Soviets already did that.

infinite zest
One of my housemates was watching Law & Order and I was watching this quietly, but then it got loud and he politely asked me if I could turn down the videogame I was playing. This shit is insane!
What are they protesting? I would guess that the Moslems are stirring the pot.
Western Ukrainians want to join with the EU. Easterners are more aligned with Russia. Putin loaned them a bunch of money. The president is in with Russia. Parliament is with the EU and the protesters.

Or, if the internet is to believed, one group of bored, impoverished proles is being paid off by embattled politicians to support a Russian takeover of the Ukraine, while another group of bored, improvished proles is being paid off by foreign banking interests to support a Western globalist takeover of the Ukraine.

From what I've heard, though, most of the people on the ground don't really have a unified, coherent agenda; it's more a pastiche of various dissident groups and disgruntled people sick of their notoriously corrupt president, the above mentioned Russia-lover. Sort of like the Occupy movement, only with less pot and more firebombs.

I'm certain that they are disgruntled wizards. The amount of firebombs they have seems impossible.

That guy in Seinfeld was certainly right, Ukraine is not weak at all.
Jet Bin Fever
Whoever said it on here before was right, investing in tear gas manufacturers is really a great idea as we go into the protest-rich future.
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