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Desc:Nazis. Nazis never changes.
Category:Trailers, Video Games
Tags:bethesda, Wolfenstein
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Comment count is 15
infinite zest
Well this looks like a treat! I still have fun wolf3d memories using the sprite editor to add as much extra blood as possible and make the guards' pants fall off when you shot them, revealing a scribbly little dot around a sea of beige. Oh to be 12 again.
Jet Bin Fever
I had the Wolfenstein Construction Kit too. It was really fun.

Looks crap.
That's an awful lot of cutscene footage for a "gameplay" trailer.
Surprise! The cutscenes ARE the gameplay!

Well, that is not the game I expected it to be.
If this is in any way "closer to the original vision" or whatever of the original, having limits on graphics, sound, assets, etc. seems to have filtered out a ton of juvenile crapola in the original game.

Adham Nu'man
Blowjob Blazkowicz

I guess people keep buying this crap because rivers of it are still flowing.
Can't we leave the Nazis alone? I think they've learned their lesson.
Stormfront.org says otherwise.

I'm sorry but killing nazis is ALWAYS a good basis for a shooter.
I love how the implication of the "May Contain Content Inappropriate for Children" subtly and correctly implies that the whole game is only appropriate for children.
I'm genuinely curious as to what possible corners of the burly-white-guy-runs-around-and-shoots-stuff* genre are left to explore. I'm serious; why not just play the last thirty games that were exactly like this? Slightly different guns? Slightly better/worse graphics? You can shoot nazi robots in this one as opposed to robot nazi zombies?

*"burly white guy" is not so much bad because of racism/sexism as because he is a personalityless generic stand in for the banal ideal self of the lowest common denominator of the gaming market.
Looks to me like a modern version of the original Wolf 3D character.

Not every game has to break race and gender role moulds. Offering a choice of protagonists in most games would be great but it's just extra cost for little gain.

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