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Desc:Warning: Poe's Law/Borat level of antisemitism
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:, antisemitism, WTF_Romania
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Born in the RSR
Ok, so this is an antisemitic Christmas carol that was broadcast on state-run Tvr3, story here:


The problem I have is with all the people defending this shit as our "traditional values" , and that the song itself and broadcasting it isn't dangerous.

A list of ludicrous apologetics that I've come across:

- The song predates the holocaust by 150 years, so it shouldn't be offensive even though it says that the only way a jew is good is coming out the chimney in smoke-form.

- They didn't know that "jidovan" is an ethnic slur for jew , as it's an archaic form of the more popular "jidan", so that makes it ok somehow.

- One of the employees at Tvr Cluj (the town where the program was filmed and edited) is a jew, and if he didn't catch it and complain about it that it's ok.

- We want to celebrate out traditional rural culture that is under attack by evil globalization. So as long as we don't actually burn jews and just sing about it it's ok.
To be fair this is substantially comparable to the lyrics in a lot of the European classical canon, there's plenty of "feat the Jew" stuff in, say, Bach.

Actually "fear the Jew" is a paraphrase straight from one of Bach's sacred pieces but I forget which one. I've heard it performed in the last decade, too.

What I'm saying is not that this isn't pretty bad, it's that it isn't all that exceptional except in its directness.

Born in the RSR
The thing about that scares me about stuff like this is that when it comes up people don't deny their antisemitism, and actually go out of their way to defend it.

That brings me to Bonus Christian Orthodox Round!

In case you didn't know, Orthodox Christian Patriarchies are extremely antisemitic, so here's a list of bullshit about this carol I found on an Orthodox online-magazine:

-The song and it's broadcasting is a jewish inside job.

-"Jidovan" dosen't mean jew, it means something close to a wild man, ogre or sasquasch that is suppose to figure in local folklore.

-The song is a political inside job that is meant to sabotage the canonization of Legionary* "martyrs" as saints , said canonization would engender support for a resurgent far-right political movement.

*Our version of the nazis, different shirt, different church, same holocaust.

Good lord a quick read on the Legionary bunch and Iron Guard was... enlightening. Bonus points for the primary schism around WWII not being "let's murder all the Jews" versus "let's not murder all the Jews" but instead was "let's slowly disenfranchise and eventually kill all the Jews" versus "lets tear the Jews from their beds at night and torture/murder them in the streets".

wowza. do you still live in romania? i have romania questions.
Born in the RSR
Yes, I do. Shoot!

Do these far right groups have ties to football hooliganism? I saw a tv documentary a while back (forgot the name and country) where hooligan clubs were used as a recruitment tool, and they would take these kids out into the woods and make them fight.

Ever been to Serbia?

Can I come over?

Born in the RSR
Far right groups actually do very bad in elections, and are very bad at recruiting people or organizing marches, but this may be due more to a feeling of disenfranchisement in Romania when it comes to politics, but violent intolerance of ethnic minorities and the LGBT community is rampant. Football hooligans will chant awful stuff but they aren't really politically active in any way. The most powerful far-right organization that does influence politics as far as I'm concerned is the Orthodox Church.

Never been to Serbia.

If you want to visit Bucharest you can always crash at my place. I've met FreeOJ' when he was over here and it was fun. Coincidentally he is jewish.

Yeah, I figured they'd be a vocal minority. Does the Orthodox Church have any hilarious, infuriating figureheads with television shows like the Moral Majority in America (Pat Robertson)?

Why do you hate Serbians so much? (only joking)

The lady and I are planning on traveling this summer. I want to see Romania, Ukraine, and Serbia. She wants to go to fucking Iceland. Any pro-Romanian travel tips are welcome.

Born in the RSR
Nope, this place is a tourist trap up and down, much more expensive than you imagine. Iceland sounds great.

If you do insist on seeing it for yourself I recommend a blitz-tour through Transivlania (Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov , Sigisoara) and a stop at Bucharest to see the People's Palace and get shit-faced with me.

Thanks for the heads up. If we do end up in Romania I'll get in touch.

Well that's not very nice.
This might be a stupid question, but I don't speak Romanian: Is that text a real translation of what the people are singing, or is this all just a joke? I didn't want to assume.
Born in the RSR
The translation is kind of awkward, but it is accurate.

Borat was a documentary, apparently.
Borat was probably closer to documentary than a lot of real documentaries these days.

The true brilliance of Borat is that every single time I see the Running of the Jews, I laugh hysterically even though I know it's not far from the truth in some areas.

Herr Matthias
I'm just wondering how they got Al Gore to play clarinet. He's gained a bit of weight, though.
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