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Desc:The entire thing. It's pretty much all gold
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:pool, pool hustling, pretty boy floyd
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The reenactment at the end of this is priceless, that's a lot of fucking around just to hustle some asshole at pool! I bet this vhs tape can be found on the floor of some pretty desperate single guy apartments.
Not pictured: doing nothing but play pool your entire childhood
Pool is one of those rare sports that stops being fun after you pass a certain skill threshold. Dicking around with friends who suck? Fun. Watching or playing guys who make 80% of their shots? Dull dull dull.

I had a couple friends who would always want to go to this dive bar to play pool. They were good and I sucked. Since it was winner stays, the night always turned into watching them play pool with strangers for 2 hours.

I started making up excuses why I couldn't go out with them, until we eventually stopped hanging out entirely.
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