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Desc:spicy YO crispy FLAVOR
Category:Fashion, Advertisements
Tags:MC Hammer, KFC
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Comment count is 8
How did Hammer go broke with endorsements like this?
I don't think that's MC Hammer.

Hammer's actual KFC commercial is already here. I can understand the confusion, though. This is very Hammer-esque.

He bought tons of useless shit and had a massive entourage. I think he bought a huge mansion in San Francisco area too. Real estate, always makes money, right?

This is what happens when the actual song / artist you want is too expensive. You hire a soundalike and record something different enough to get past the lawyers.

The caretaker guy at the place where my band used to practice had been a roadie for Hammer. Yeah, I guess golden bathroom fixtures might be a bad indicator for financial sanity. Anyway, this guy had a couple cases of old MC Hammer stage costumes. Somewhere in the world there's a picture of me wearing an MC Hammer backup dancer's outfit.

infinite zest
I think it's weird that this came out in 1990, whereas the actual KFC ads with Hammer were later. It's a blatant rip-off, which is pretty common, but the fact that a year or so later they got actual Hammer confuses me. Like it was either:
KFC: Please Hammer don't try to sue us! Want to be in our commercial
Hammer: We liked your homage to Hammer, would you like the real deal?

It's just kind of weird to me, like if Tom Waits did a Doritos commercial himself after he sued Frito Lay for impersonating his voice.

Koda Maja
Maybe they were actually ripping off Rick James, and Hammer wanted in.

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