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Desc:Despite the YouTube description, it includes ATV's, and there's more than ten.
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:motorcycle, Bike, ATV, trucks
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 9
James Woods
His arm's buuusted.

It's even funnier when you know they could have done it safely if the person filming/gawking helped.

wait, it's also funny that some of those are brand new probably getting loaded right after being bought.

so happy I was able to borrow a proper motorcycle trailer when I traded for a project bike.
Don't ride bikes up ramps. That's like the first rule of loading bikes.

The second rule is don't talk about bike loading club.
Dude, haven't you seen Biker Boyz?

infinite zest
I kind of sort of do this for a living right now, albeit with amps and not motorcycles, although I've moved motorcycles.. I've never had someone be like "hey let's film this." One time a sister theatre I worked at's marquee was fucked up so we had to carry a big ladder down from the one theatre to the other, and dude was on acid and had acid shits and totally shit himself carrying the ladder in public. I wish I had that on tape. I hate that guy.
"acid shits" are a thing? really dirty acid?

infinite zest
well this was Milwaukee Wisconsin so the acid probably did suck, but yeah. Like mushrooms it fucks with your digestive system, and the simple task of taking a shit results in the worst kind of bad trip. Like when you're high and brushing your teeth like they're going to fall out, but worse. A lot worse. I dunno. Don't eat a shit ton of food before dosing and don't fuck my girlfriend either. That guy deserved to shit himself.

Jet Bin Fever
All those ugly custom paint jobs, ruined. Schadenfreude.
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