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Desc:Oh my!
Category:General Station
Tags:nerds, , LARP, Ponytail
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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the heroes we deserve
I remember, around a quarter-century ago, when I was going to church youth groups, my local minister, newly arrived from South Africa, was warning us about the evils of role-playing games with information I assume was gleamed from Chick Publications pamphlets, how people would wear costumes, go in the woods, and act out battles. I wasn't into roleplaying beyond PHANTASY STAR on the Sega Master System, but I found the things he claimed about roleplayers a little incredulous.

A quarter-century later, thanks to Youtube, I can see he was correct about the existence of LARP'ers to some degree, but the reality is a lot less sinister and a lot more nerdy than what he was implying (people actually casting spells and gathering ingredients and probably murdering each other and drinking their blood).
Jet Bin Fever
It would be fun to make fun of this. But, considering that most of them are like 12 or 13 years old, I can only say that at that age I would've loved participating in something like this.
Koda Maja
What, we can't openly mock children now?

Can we just mock the ponytail guy? Since he's the oldest and he's the only one with a car, he gets to win.

Jet Bin Fever
haha, good point baleen.

Both leaders have mastered the "raised fist stopping motion." They are truly equals on the battlefield.
I cant make fun of this, it looks like way too much fun.
This video contains an abundance of running. 5 stars for evil.

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