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Desc:Generic online game spins off a charming french animated series
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
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Comment count is 6
Guy's a wakfu junkie.
The series is cute, has its moments, but don't bother with the game. I beta tested that thing and it's pretty bad. Dofus is better, but too old, now.
I actually backed the Krosmaster Arena game on kickstarter. Got the game, looks fun, but it was so disappointed by how the company handled the kickstarter I've never actually given the game a chance. That may sound dumb, but it is what it is, I guess.
The company, Ankama, is run by artists and game designers; they don't really understand how to run a business. However, the did purchase Panda Z, so it's not all bad.

I'm referring to JAG, the company that localized it and did the US kickstarter. They're just a mess, the game the released before Krosmaster is still having complaints from backers that haven't gotten anything yet as well.

never heard of the game, but theres a lot to like about this show.
I'm also fascinated by their process, kind of a 2D/3D Flash or cel-shaded hybrid thing that apparently can scale up to full-fledged character animation. I like the character design, the battles are great, and the timing and pacing is really good for the most part. Nice! You can also see every episode here: http://anilinkz.com/series/wakfu
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