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Desc:This is a good video.
Category:Short Films, Sports
Tags:lil jon, trap, daggering, DJ Snake
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Comment count is 15
The Mothership
This is not a good video.

This is a GREAT video.
Jet Bin Fever
The rhythm is gonna get you!
Banging Tune Bruv
All I have to give is stars.
That's a good dick. Good dick, guy.
Prickly Pete
It had me at the guy's face melting off over the phone. Could've used some more of that, but excellent all the same.
I don't know, it would have been easy to overdo it.

As it is, it's a nice semi-subtle jab at the Gangnam Style video.

infinite zest
Great video, good beats.. Lil John says about ten words and probably makes what most of us made last year...
So is DJ Snake that guys dick or...
Take 'em
The Mothership
I know why this video rocks, and I will tell you why:

Basic backbeat closely resembles Lady's 'Twerk':


Melting cop face at :38 taken from Raiders of the Lost Ark, here:


Dance move at 1:32 identical to hypnosis move at :14 here, 'I finally Understand why People Like Wrestling':


Dance move at 1:34 identical to..... the goddamn Brazilian dance video that I just spent 20 minutes looking for. Trust me, it's here.
To be fair, almost everything that sounds like this is using some variation on the Bo Diddly rhythm (which he lifted from a traditional African beat, I forget what country that was from though).

Also, the Repo Man generic beers around 3:15 are a nice touch.

so awesome
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