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Desc:You had me at 'Captain Jean-Luc Picard'
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:wcw, Picard, TNG
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Comment count is 10
god i wish i had the copy of wrasslin for n64 that my friends pimped out back in the day
nader the raider, billy clint, rusty trombone, ladies delight, kensingtons own...
i have the rom, but rebuilding them wouldn't be the same
MacGyver Style Bomb
Smackdown on the PS1. Seanbaby was unstoppable.

My favorite Smackdown CAW was Donkey Raper, a big fat T-Rex my buddy made. He had all of Sexual Chocolate's moves. Pete the Alien, James Hetfield, that girl I had a crush on from math class, and our middleschool bully with all his stats turned down to minimum were cool characters, too.

My claim to fame was creating an Andy Kaufman character. Good times.

I made some pretty decent Excitebike tracks because I am old.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
I made a few okay ZZT worlds because I only had a 486.

Sanest Man Alive
Of course Geordi and Data are a tag duo.

Taking a star off only because there's no actual Next Generasslin' in this vid. I really wanted to see Riker pull off his signature Titan's Turn.
I'm going to give this four stars because, as the Sanest Man Alive noted, there's no wrasslin.
Billy the Poet
Beverly's boobs weren't that big. Neither were Picard's.
Oh boy. I bet Worf is essentially Tito Santana. Sold as a super star, yet loses every match.
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