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Desc:I'm surprised his parents didn't throw them out
Category:Business, Nature & Places
Tags:diapers, high school, 2000s, pamperchu, Luvs
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Comment count is 15
It's nice to have hobbies....

...meaning any hobby that isn't this.
Jimmy Labatt
Come on how is someone like this even possible
Oh Pamperchu. I stumbled across him a while back when I was looking for a repair tutorial for some old record player or something. I remember thinking "His overalls are.. strange.. His room is.. strange too.. " I went down the rabbit hole and wow, he lives in a little prefab playhouse in his parent's back yard. He sleeps in a crib. He buys diapers from thrift stores. He is decent with electronics. And now he has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I wanted to submit him, but I just couldn't. I couldn't besmirch an innocent child.

Needs "ABDL" tag (Adult Baby Diaper Lover). There is a "large" community in the PNW. I saw one in the wild a few weeks ago in Seattle. Dude was wearing a child's duck costume and making baby noises. As someone who sees these fringe, YT garbage culture types as rare Pokemon, I was ecstatic.

If you want to go further, there are ABDL's out there who would rather USE the diapers than collect them. But really, don't go there. It isn't as cool as it sounds.
Adham Nu'man
I thought he lived in a little prefab playhouse in his Sugar Daddy's backyard.

His Sugar Daddy wishes he did. And I believe the correct term is "Lollipop Father".

Speaking of diapers, whatever happened to Onideus Mad Hatter?

*spends a few moments on google*

Oh my....
His ED entry is a Tolkien-level pile of sad, sad, text.

And COCKSLAP. Mustn't forget that.

I wish you hadn't reminded me he existed. Blargh.

I wonder if hatter knows about Bo News? Surely they'd find him... er, HE'D find them interesting to chat with.

Why couldn't Sad Fatter have gotten cancer instead?

Death was just given a hasty description that included POE and diapers. It's an honest mistake.

Death got social engineered.

The Mothership
Imagine being this person's parents. Just imagine that.
he killed them when he was 8 and they tried to toilet train him

He kept 3 sample diapers from each package, but what did he do with the rest?
Jet Bin Fever
Oh goddamnit.
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