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Desc:I have no idea what this is about but the editing is MAGICAL.
Category:Trailers, Nature & Places
Tags:Nigeria, ACTING!, Nollywood, CEO, editing magic
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 7
Nollywood looks like its trying to evolve. Needs more classic fast forwarded speech, explosions, lasers. This trailer still has the obligatory man/woman arguing dialogue, firearm showdown, fast forwarded video footage. Still has the necessary bad editing, however.
Valiant effort, but it's just not the same without the bombastic voiceover bellowing the title of the movie every 10 seconds.
*sound of giant explosion* THE SEE EEE YOHHH! *sound of glass shattering* THE SEE EEE YOHHH! (image of guy in suit piggy backing a golden robot modeled in a 1999 version of Blender) *robot noises* SEE EEE YOHHH! SEE EEE YOHHH! SEE EEE YOHHH

No Celine Dion song, no cannibal village, no Gentle Jack. Nollywood, i am dissapoint.

mismatched shoes
I had to pause this because I thought some Flash game was playing in another window somewhere, but it's just the actual soundtrack.

Also, at 1:48 it clearly shows that this all takes place in Seattle.

Also, I have this continuing, racist feeling that Nigerians have really short attention spans.
I'd like to thank the gaffer
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