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Desc:David Mobley and James Howell demonstrate their respective fighting systems of Combat Technologies
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:Karate, self defense, white people, Duran Duran, Modern Warrior
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Comment count is 13
hey do you wanna touch sticks now?
yeah, lets totally touch sticks now
we're warriors
not gay at all

This is totally missing the "white people" tag.
good idea, added

MacGyver Style Bomb
Sometime in the last century, the word "warrior" has come to mean "insecure doucebag."
They used to call us that in Basic Training. I think there was even a push from on high to get Army cadre to call ALL non-combat enlisted personnel "warriors", but fortunately my sergeant thought it was, quote, "stupid and condescending".

They'd still call you that if they wanted to be sarcastic, though. :(

Real warriors can only fight if Duran Duran is playing.
And all I see are a couple of Star Wars Kids.
Worst Bond intro ever

Duran Duran is awesome and I don't care if that makes me a middle aged housewife.

Here is someone who agrees with you in regards to Duran Duran:

Did I just watch a white man pick up a whip and reenact the Kunta Kinte scene from Roots?
Is there anything more tragically white than wearing black sneakers, black sweat/track pants, and _white_ socks? In fact, white socks in general. White socks with sneakers and shorts. White socks with sandals (or, dare I say it, flip flops).
Born in the RSR
It's REAL to me dammit!
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