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Desc:Subject seems a bit unwilling
Category:Crime, Sports
Tags:dallas, wtf america, rape culture, texas rangers, creepshot
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Comment count is 10
Binro the Heretic
The creepiest part is he probably thought she would be flattered.

*moves paw toward cock*
http://deadspin.com/guy-takes-picture-may-have-weirded-out-woman-n ext-to-h-1205504324/all

Guy is her dad taking a normal picture. Not creepy.
THAT's for besmirching an innocent man's name!

(Also because the video is totally uninteresting with the actual backstory)

Yes it is. So let's all thank Potrod.

Don't think you are off the Hook, Hooker. Even almost a year later you should continue to feel ashamed.

Father Avalanche
that guy totally wants to fuck his daughter, potrod. watch it again.

MAYBE, but her reaction is more "Oh let me make this look candid" than disgusted. Anyway, sorry to be a buzzkill guys.

Her name is "Samantha Studley". Wow.

Your mom is her dad.

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