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Desc:Where there's beer, there's hope.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:beer, samurai, cyberpunk, Last Orders, Murphys Irish Stout
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Comment count is 15
The most realistic situation for a old time swordsman vs new technology and guns.
If they just bought a car between them they wouldn't have this problem every damn night. Also how come the bar closed with all the other patrons still in it?

looked like heavy traffic and maybe no bike lanes?

you never been in a store at closing time? they'll close the doors to keep new customers from coming in and open them to let people out.

infinite zest
This was made by Mamoru Oshii, who also did GitS. The context and setting actually seems pretty cool, almost too cool for just a beer commercial.
Born in the RSR
90s anime is best anime.
The only anime.

Jet Bin Fever
You guys are dumb if that's what you really believe. I think you're joking though. You're joking, right?

pressed peanut sweepings
I'm the one who has to point out that this is a dupe?
Whoops. What's the right tags? Nothing seemed amiss when I submitted this one.

pressed peanut sweepings
Yeah i can't find it either, maybe im mistaken.

Yeah pressed peanut sweepings, more like pissed penis... sheetings.

Waiting for Caminante to put in his two cents...
Caminante Nocturno
They're all too old, and also guys.

Hey Caminante, you know how sometimes in anime there are these girls who look like they're ten, but they're really thousand year old sorceresses or something?

What if there was a character who looked like a fifty year old man, but was really a ten year old girl. Would you be interested then?

b-but they're Japanimations!

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