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Desc:The Walker virus causes an old man to walk across the screen at regular intervals.
Category:General Station, Science & Technology
Tags:, virus, DOS, bad steet brawler
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Comment count is 10

Back in the early 90s, I used to write TSRs (Terminate and Stay Resident, now there's a term you haven't thought of in a while) that would do goofy crap like make your screen fade in and out if you typed a given word, and then return to normal behavior if you typed the word again. I think I missed out on my calling as a virus writer, which would have netted me zeros and zeros of dollars.
I resemble that remark...

Nowadays viruses are all bot nets... Where's the charm?

Stay resident, TSR.

Jet Bin Fever
Maybe he's the old man version of Bad Street Brawler, long after his monkey and midget punching days are over.
Binro the Heretic
I think "Bad Street Brawler" may have been the European title? I remember the game as "Bop 'n' Rumble", a sort-of sequel to "Bop 'n' Wrestle".

In the game, your wrestler guy walked through various side-scrolling urban landscapes assaulting various people & animals. The old blind dudes were the most common enemies, often coming at you in packs. There was also a Ruth Buzzi-inspired little old lady who would use her purse as a weapon, a bulldog, a...gorilla..for some reason and a dude on a motorcycle.

It was one of my favorite C64 games.

It was retitled bad street brawler on the NES version for some reason. I feel like some stuff got censored from the c64 game, but i may be crazy.

Koda Maja
I just watched this video. Do I have a virus now?
type C:\win to defeat it.

This guy's channel is gold. I spent so much of my morning watching these videos that I was almost convinced I had a DOS 6 installation infected by AIDS and airplanes.
Yeah, I'm really enjoying it and a couple of related channels he seems to be involved with.

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