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Desc:Makes the average contact juggler look like a drunken toddler
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:Magic, juggling, contact juggling
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Comment count is 12
If you wanted to go for authenticity with your fake-as-fuck video at least pick a real "juggling" art that has a documented history and not some lamo lord of the rings can o' cockshit.
You having a bad day today, odd?

Um actually this isn't fake. He's pretty good.
I've seen others doing it on YouTube, but this guy is really good.

What's so impressive about it imo is that it almost looks fake, and there are lots of yt comments that also think it is. But think about it: "faking" this would be significantly harder and involve just as much practice as just doing it.

fucksake I was joking. Capn is right about it looking too good to be possible.

Rodents of Unusual Size
That was gorgeous.
Father Avalanche
crusty jugglers week begins
Sanest Man Alive
I misread the description as "combat juggler". I don't know what I expected from that, but I am somewhat disappointed all the same.
If you google "combat juggling" and watch those videos, you will be decidedly more disappointed than you were while watching this.

Robin Kestrel
Pop and locking for the fingers collides with art. That was some Minority Report shit in there that makes you appreciate how good this guy is.
Hey look, magic!
That was rather spectacular.
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