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Desc:Dumb cow whispers about dumb rocks on a dumb mountain for an hour.
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:dumb, Rocks, Romania, Ancient Aliens
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 2
Oh my...Robert Schoch has fallen way off the deep end here. I actually read one of his books years ago, can't remember the title, but it posited the idea that ancient sea-faring civilizations had much more contact with each other than we ever assumed which would explain the emergence of similar ideas in different cultures around the world within roughly the same time frame. He was once heavily associated with new-age/woo nonsense concerning the Great Sphinx as he said he supported the alternative theory that the Sphinx predates Egyptian culture and was made thousands of years previous. When he finally got permission to do some research, he recanted and said he was wrong and basically backed away from all that, but I guess here he's just gonna dive in head-first and never come up for air.

I've read about this "Carpathian Sphinx" crap and it's interesting that you never, ever see any photographs of this thing from any other angle in these documentaries or books because if you did, you'd see it looks like a rock instead of the "face" that it only resembles when pareidolia kicks in.
Hucksterism and being a mountebank is 100% of capitalism. If there really were a hundred sphinxes all over the world built in 45000BC, no one would give a shit and would resist like a drowning cat being forced to learn about it. People would pay billions of dollars to destroy that information from the Earth.

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