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Desc:No more dating fake ass Juffalos
Category:Horror, Advertisements
Tags:Juggalo, dating, Insane Clown Posse, rapey, 5 DUIs or less
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Comment count is 13
I appreciate what they're trying to do, but none of these people make believable juggalos, and honestly, this is a subject best handled by the real thing.

It works much better as a parody of e-Harmony than it does as a parody of juggalos.
Jet Bin Fever
You're wrong. The fact that they're old and middle class is what makes it fun.

I put it to you that one cannot improve on actual juggalos. Actual juggalos are way funnier than ironic fake juggalos.

Jet Bin Fever
The casting choice is not about juggalos. It's more of a parody about how those dating website commercials always stroll out the same typical, boring example couples. They just kept the format and added facepaint and whoop whoops.

Well yeah, it works as a parody of eHarmony, but not of juggalos. And juggalos are way better than LLBean wearing yuppies.

Mister Yuck
I think the Juggalo hate is a class thing and I'm calling it out. It's a coded way to hate on poor white people and it's about as bad as any other coded discrimination. I've had a fair number of Juggalo customers now, and I gotta say the hate is unwarranted. Yes the music is awful, but I haven't had any real asshole Juggalos come into my store, and that is more than I can say about pretty much any other category of humanity.
Mister Yuck
I mean, this is a video where a bunch of rich asshole yuppies dress up and make fun of people on EBT. Whose side are we on here? Fuck this video. Why'd a give it five stars? Does it have something to do with this empty beer cans?

It's not "coded", it's pretty unambiguous and out in the open. And what are you doing taking the side of those dirty slackjawed Poors, anyway? You some sort of redneck-lover? gb2 your gun club, Enos, we don't like your kind 'round here!!!

I've always thought that but I also never hated juggalos.

I don't hate much of anything, really. You don't have to hate something to find it funny. Hell, if I hated that kind of stuff, visiting PoE and its descendants would be a pretty awful, stressful experience.

Anyway, I'm going to pitch in on the "weak" camp for this, partly becasue of the classism but mostly because I just didn't think it was funny. Real ICP promo material is wittier.

I thought this was a dupe here, but ultimately it's not funny. They botched their portrayal of juggalos and seem like they don't know what they're talking about. Lots of missed joke opportunities.

Juggalos are so much more than just meth addicts and bad parents. The gloriously stupiid nuances of the Fam were clearly lost on the writers.

For dontdiejuggalone.net
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