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Desc:2 Mustang Mach 1s, Corvette Stingray, 'Bandit' Trans-Am, '70 Camaro Z28, all left to rot in Japan.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:Cars, Japan, Trans Am, Corvette, muscle car
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Comment count is 8
I've felt what this guy is feeling.
The cars that cause the most anguish for me to see rotting are the early 1970s Mustang Mach 1s. You'd think my heart would be bleeding more over the mid-1960s Mustang that's also there, but, just anecdotally based on what I see at local car shows, there are a lot more mid-1960s Mustangs that are kept in good condition than there are Mach 1s.

According to the Wasabi Cars guy, the guy that owns the property is willing to sell them but only for a lot more than they're worth in that condition, and those Mach 1s seem to be only good for salvage parts.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Payback for those two nukes I bet.
Fuck it, I'd still take the Trans Am.
I have a picture of a ton of Mazda Cosmo Sports rusting in a field in Japan, and I think there is a Mazda Luce and a Honda 1300 coupe there too - all much more rare than these.
There are several Cosmo videos in this guy's videostream, fortunately not rotting: http://goo.gl/z46eYI

A couple of Mazda Luces (including an abandoned one): http://goo.gl/SI12k3

Oh, and a couple of videos of Honda 1300 Coupes: http://goo.gl/bpDXFU

I thought this video was the one worth submitting because of the oddity of classic American muscle cars rusting in a Japanese auto graveyard, but, obviously, there's plenty of sexy and/or rusty Japanese classics too.


Anyone like the Toyota 2000GT? http://goo.gl/xLYiCU
Jet Bin Fever
They're just fucking cars. Big fucking deal.
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