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Desc:Christian Rap Group Junior Barsity sings about a bounce house. Too inexplicable for 73Q
Category:Stunts, Nature & Places
Tags:christian rap, Settlers of Catan, Bounce House
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The Mothership
I enjoyed that sans irony.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Yeah this is quite meh but also a quite competently put together track imo. There is a nice congruence between the few simple little melodies, bouncy beat, appropriately beepy instruments and silly lyrical content

It's about a decade out of date though, which wouldn't matter if they weren't deliberately trying to sound "contemporary."


Adham Nu'man
Yeah this was pretty good. I wouldn't call this Christian rap, regardless whether or not these guys are Christians. Unless I just missed all those parts in the Bible where they mentioned Bounce Houses.
The group is apparently a Christian Rap group. This song itself isn't super preachy, but they're still repping Jesus more than Tupac I'm guessing, what with lack of swearing or drug reference. Though there is that murder at the end.

I listened to a lot of Christian music for work a while back (like 10-15 hours of it a week for a few months). Christian rap tends to be the least overtly preachy, the metalcore and screamo is the really over the top "die for Jesus" stuff.

Adham Nu'man
10-15 hours a week?!? My God...

Jet Bin Fever
That's torture. You should've filed an OSHA complaint.

It was voluntary actually, I could have done other kinds of music but I'd started to realize that researching stuff I would never have chosen to listen to was way more interesting than researching stuff I actually cared about. So yeah, for maybe 5 months I made my living by getting up, brewing a 12 cup French press of coffee, smoking some weed while I ate my cereal, forgetting about the coffee, listening to about an hour of Christian rock (I was doing other stuff ABOUT the Christian rock while I listened) remembering the coffee, drinking an entire 12 cup beaker of coffee soup and then spenign the rest of the day completely fried, listening to, like, Demon Hunter and ZOEgirl and As I Lay Dying and Family Force Five and Da' T.R.U.T.H. and Starfield.

The guy who'd gone down that path before me took it so far that for a while he was actually writing Christian rock reviews professionally (even though he was an atheist, I'm pretty sure). He even did a concert review for the NY Times of Lifehouse or something like that.

anyway, I wouldn't do it again but I'm definitely glad I did it once. It was a good exercise, sort of like how once every year or two I'll spend 3 or 4 hours watching concert footage of 90s jam bands to make sure I didn't miss something about them that didn't suck, since I'm pretty in to a lot of the older bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service that directly led to that stuff existing (SPOILER: I didn't, they pretty much suck).

It was also a logical next step after me and a coworker at the thrift shop where I was working part time for extra money (and first pick of the records - more that than the pay) had experimented with taking massive doses of ginseng and playing In the air Tonight on a continuous loop for three hours one day when we were bored at work.

Old Z - Was there anything you ended up legitimately liking?

From the Christian rock, or bad jam band videos? From the Christian stuff not really, unless you count some of the old, 70s, private press Jesus freak stuff like Concrete Rubber Band and Our Generation, that's a whole different matter.

As far as the jam band stuff, I can't get in to listening to it but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play and I recognize that, objectively, liking it wouldn't be much different from liking stoner metal, which I do enjoy a lot of.

Apparently this is causing some drama with said rap group's internet friends:


"This video would have been dope if Andy Samberg from SNL didn't already do some shit like this. Remember I'm on a Boat featuring T-Pain??? Yeah! I see you want to become just like Andy Samberg in his rap songs. Remember Dick in a Box and The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants
If I ever become a viral Christian comedy rapper, you guys won't turn on me, will you?

Woops, poeTV truncated the end of that review:

"Yet again other songs by him. 45,000,000 views from that shit and that shit was fucking gay af and corny af. So when I ask you who are you trying to be? and you don't respond back with an Answer like Andy Samberg you are in denial. "

Well, at least we probably wouldn't give you shit for being a rapper that derives from other music. That's like yelling at a giant eagle for carrying off goats.

Settlers of Catan any good? There are like a million expansions and versions and shit and everyone always raves about it but I don't want to drop on a game that I will play 2 times with my wife and trash. It's not like that munchkin shit is it?

Keep in mind that I literally have no friends.
Settlers of Catan would suck with just two players. For a mildly similar feel I would go for Rivals for Catan, the two player card game. Both are not Munchkin.

SoC is a pretty good game; simple and entertaining. You will find yourself playing it for reasons other than "the power is out" or "I am legally obligated to spend four more community service hours with these underprivileged children".

Gaming purists have been known to describe Settlers of Catan as a "gateway" game, because it's a good starter game to show you that board games don't need to suck.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, Settlers is a perennial favorite at Christmas for my family. Make sure you play it with someone who knows how to on the first time and have them royally screw you over so you know how to the next time.

What version should I buy and are the expansions worth it?

infinite zest
I'm so confused. I liked this. I was thinking "ok it's like I'm on a boat or something" but fact is they're pretty fucking good. How exactly is this "Christian" rap though? The AV Club for example mentions "family friendly.." sure there's no swearing in the song, and no violence except for a gunshot noise at the end...

I'm just curious to know if these guys identify themselves as Christian rap the way DC Talk do, whose lyrics are quite obviously about the Christian faith, or if they just happen to practice Christianity and rap. Because if so, about 95% of hip hop you listen to is Christian rap.
I guess they do other more Christian related songs. Also Christians have a tendency to take silly uber-clean silliness as Christian Entertainment. They're really good with their flows. I just think its wasted on something so banal.

The Mothership
well put question IZ, this is what I was thinking as well.

infinite zest
I mean the beastie boys weren't Jewish hip hop

From what I've been able to ascertain, this is literally the first and only thing "Junior Barsity" has ever done. The members of it are apparently self-described "Christian battle rappers" who are active in the "Christian battle rap scene" (?), so I guess that's why it's being sold as Christian rap.

Somebody find videos of Christian Battle Raps. I want to know how those go down.
You're a chump and a sinner
You take ladies out to dinner
and after you pay the check
you go to your place for premarital sex

A video titled 'Bounce House' and not a single donk. WEAK.
Trying way too hard.
Can you use kickstarter to organize a mugging?
That guy
Let me be clear: I hate this.
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