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chairsforcheap - 2014-05-05

holy hell did I miss this episode?

Crab Mentality - 2014-05-05

I have bruised ribs. Near the end of the video, I had to stop it for fear of permanent damage via laughter.

chairsforcheap - 2014-05-06

seth morris is a master of that in this character. He burnt out too quick but had an absolute genius run of a podcast you can still check out on earwolf.com called "affirmation nation"

Maggot Brain - 2014-05-06

In my mind I am Chadwick Fistingguy. Who are you?

OxygenThief - 2014-05-06

Haricot Rouge: Cajun Detective

That guy - 2014-05-07

Daniel Steele

Innocent Bystander - 2014-05-06

I wonder if there's something wrong with me because "comedy" podcasts just aren't funny to me but Risk and Stuff You Should Know and Radiolab keep me laughing/entertained forever.

And in any case this ain't no list of David Ryder names.

CrazyBlueRocket - 2014-05-06

I feel shame at pausing to read Nova Prime's bio

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