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Desc:B o o H o o
Category:General Station
Tags:Miley Cyrus, disappointment
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Oscar Wildcat
Her vocal fry so heavily modulates her actual voice that it sounds autotuned.
The first and only time Rogue touched Cyclops.
If Miley isn't a drug addict covering that up and her dog really did die, which saddened her to susceptibility to the flu, which was then followed by a horrible allergic reaction to antibiotics leading to hospitilization, my god that sucks, sorry, Miley.

This person has no sympathy for Miley's horrifically awful chain of recent events.
Is that actually something someone said somewhere?

I did a search to see why she cancelled. Those were the reasons given for the string of recent cancellations according to the fluff media.

infinite zest
Yeah I guess there's a whole bunch of rumors that it's all fake, and she's just on drugs or pregnant. I kind of miss the days when these things happened. I went to a Mark Lanegan show years and years ago and basically they announced that he was checking into rehab so he couldn't play.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Eh, laugh all you want, but she's probably at the age where missing a concert by your favorite musician is the worst thing in the entire world.
infinite zest
Spoken by a true middle school class. This made me sad. With me it was different, but I got sick the night I was going to see The Exploding Hearts, my then-absolutely favorite favorite favorite. So they played and I didn't go, but was like "ok at least I'll see them next time.." If you know the story there wasn't a next time.

Miley's a big enough deal that it's hard to even have an "oh well I'll see her next time" reaction. Sure I don't like her music but I'm also not a high:middle schooler. Probably months of anticipation and then nothing. Grades, schoolnights, planning for college.. Getting your money (or probably your parents') back really doesn't matter in the face of disappointment :(

Jet Bin Fever
I got to see the Cure when I was about 17 back before Robert Smith looked like Miss Havisham. It probably would've crushed me had they cancelled it.

This happened to me only it was King Diamond, and he came back like 3 months later.

I have bought tickets to see Ween three times and on each time the stars colluded to stop me from going.
I didn't cry about it though.

The last 3 concerts I've seen were Ween and I'm still kinda bummed there won't be any more.

infinite zest
:( !!!!!!!!! Ween's gone. Way to break news to me I should have known about a few years ago.

infinite zest
I don't feel like wading through US magazine.com or whatever to find the exact city, but I think Miley Cyrus returning to like St. Louis in 3 months is probably less likely than King Diamond returning to like St. Louis in 3 months.

You can probably guess which one I'd rather see though.

Prickly Pete
In her defense, she's probably retarded. Not because she's a Miley fan, I just get that vibe from her. Is it just me? Do I have particularly attuned tardy-sense?
Did they get their money back? Otherwise I'd be a bit pissed off too.
First world goblins.
James Woods

John Holmes Motherfucker
The things that make me cry are not necessarily the things that make you cry, but I do cry sometimes, and when I do, thank god there isn't a tv reporter around to film it. The first time I saw Kurosawa's IKIRU, I bawled. Loudly! It was a transcendent artistic experience, but if you could see me at the time, I would probably set off your tardy-sense.
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