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Desc:The wails of the damned.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:dog, screaming, barking, what hell sounds like, deaf dog
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Comment count is 13
I've been there, buddy. It gets better.
Ow ow ow tag.
Needs "what hell sounds like" and "wails of the dying"
Sam Kinison is not a big fan of reincarnation.
Ranma X.
take em

olong johnson
Binro the Heretic
We had a deaf dog named "Honeypot", once. She had apparently been born deaf. We had gotten her as a puppy and it took us a while to figure out she couldn't hear.

She would jump up as though she had been electrocuted if you came up behind her and tried to pet her. Finally, I noticed she wouldn't come when called if she couldn't see the person calling her, but would run eagerly and happily when she saw them rub their fingers with their thumb whether they called her name or not.

I confirmed my hypothesis by slamming two small pieces of two-by-four together to make a loud clapping sound less than a foot away from her while her back was to me and again later while she was sound asleep. I got no reaction either time.

Fortunately for us, she didn't bark like this dog. She really didn't technically bark. She would go through the motions of barking, but all that would escape from her throat was a harsh wheeze and an occasional chirp.
Boomer The Dog
Dogs sounding like Humans, neighbors might call the police! In his last few years my Eskimo Dog suffered from deafness, making it harder when he'd stray away at the park and not hear you were calling him back.

My old dog is pretty deaf. The vet likes to joke that "those little noisy breeds yap themselves deaf." She's OK now, but the process of losing her hearing was tough. I guess everything started sounding shrill and tinny, and she'd get anxious at everyday noises.

So, yeah...stars for deaf dogs.
Sounds like the personal care home my grandma was in for her last few years.
il fiore bel
I demand a witch trial!
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