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Desc:Tiny was two rows ahead of me on the bus about an hour ago. He's quite a piece of work.
Category:Arts, Sports
Tags:Michael Jackson, dwarf, Wrasslin, Tiny the Terrible, diddler
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Comment count is 11

I couldn't hear all of what he was saying but choice tidbits included how he "spends all his money on hoes" because if he "stays broke" his kid's mother will "know she ain't getting nothing out of" him, and also a not so subtle implication that he has done porn. Sounds about right for a republican mayoral candidate.

Regardless, he was ridiculously charismatic and I would definitely hang out with him given the chance.
Regarding child support, he also claimed he told her his WWE appearances were unpaid volunteer work.

Also his hat was much bigger than the one he's wearing in this clip.

Does he do much in the way of wrestling? If he works in any local promotions, I might want to check him out.

He's retired I think, but you can probably meet him pretty easily. Here's his web site:


He seems pretty approachable to say the least.

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that his WWE appearances really WERE unpaid volunteer work.Isn't your premiere match kind of like a final audition, too?

I'm not encouraging breaking the Prime Directive of course.

Old People
This guy brags about not feeding his own child? Fuck him.

It was hard to tell if he was serious or not.

It turns out that someone I know sees him at work all the time and says he's a sweet guy, so now I'm not entirely sure. But that was what it sounded like at the time.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Well, that was Terrible all right.
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