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Desc:Clean.Efficient.Safe.Energy. American Natural Gas.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Advertisements
Tags:natural gas, safe, clean burning, why is the sky on fire
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Comment count is 14
Oscar Wildcat
I love the smell of burning natural gas in the morning. Smells like... Freedom.
keep on fracking in the free world
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, this is something you want to stop and look at for ten minutes.

Also, West Virginia is now Mordor. Great going, WV
a step up for West Virginia

Oscar Wildcat
This is entirely Barack Obama's fault.

The Mothership
What Hell sounds like.
Wasn't a good part of WV a perpetual underground coal fire for decades already?
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
You're thinking of Centralia, PA.

I probably was but it looks like West Virginia's got it too:

http://www.coalgeology.com/burning-coal-seam-in-west-virginia/ 47/

Nice to see that coal is in decline so West Virginia can now be oppressed by 100 years of a different slave fuel.
This sounds like two Canadians exiled for using profanity.
Holy shit, I've driven through this very spot before.
Oscar Wildcat
So does this kind of thing normally happen when you drive the highways in West Virginia? Folks seem pretty nonplussed in the clip.

Jet Bin Fever
Another terrible day to be a firefighter.
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