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Desc:Narrated by 24's Jack Bauer
Category:Sports, Advertisements
Tags:Soccer, USA, kiefer sutherland, heavy handed, ghana
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Comment count is 14
The flag bearing eagle cry moment should have had the team rolling over the hill in 4 wheelers.
Jet Bin Fever
Heavy handed and ludicrous, with a horrible Black Keys cover band doing the soundtrack.
That guy
Can't you see that it's partly humorous? Or you are suspicious of a blend of American patriotism and humor about a the world's game, in which we're perennially the disrespected underdogs?

That guy
Never mind, I forgot this is poetv. Asking you to accept some tempered patriotism in sports is, to your ears, like asking y'all to accept Glen Beck as your savior.

America spent sixteen years making patriotism the most evil mind rape concept on earth.

Stop disrespecting America.

That guy
So if warhawk Republicans LOVE blowjobs and sandwiches for 16 years, you're done with both?

Jet Bin Fever
For the past decade or so I have been very sensitive and repulsed by most patriotic displays.

the one for the next game will probably be funny too, but the pregame spot for Germany will get right up to the edge of saying Nazis
That guy
I have no choice but to unironically love this.
2-1, with two awesome goals for us and a couple nice saves.
Bite it, Ghana!
This is a really embarrassing video, and I wish to God that Americans would stop making patriotic claptrap like -

Oh wait, we actually beat them?


Binro the Heretic
Try all you want, folks.

Soccer will still be boring as Hell.
That guy
Maybe this is more your speed, you sophisticate:

also, no commercial breaks every five minutes, how's a man supposed to make a sandwich and eat it on the shitter when there's just the one bullshit break in the middle of the game

I wonder how many re-writes this took before it was deemed politically correct.
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