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Desc:Daniel Snyder promises to appeal the decision against his team being named after a scalp bounty
Category:News & Politics, Sports
Tags:racism, NFL, Intellectual Property, redskins
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Comment count is 12
Fuck off. Why would it cost millions? Just call the new team a hilarious and clever name like "4skins" or whatever and stop making "Redskins" stuff? There will be a transition period for a while but eventually all but a few hardcore pissholes will be wearing "4skins" gear and know the team as such.

Plus the price on "Redskins" memorabilia will skyrocket, so they can shift unsold stock at mega-high prices.

Fuck off.
They'll have to hire a graphic designer...and have you seen how much those cost on craigslist?

Plus they will need to have their Chinese manufacturers switch to different colored cloth/plastic and get new stencils!

But that's like under 0k right there. Updating the pictures on the website store is where it gets expensive.

"First World Problems" indeed

NFL teams re-brand themselves all the time. It's good for business. Between oddeye's point about classic memorabilia's prices going up, and new logos/uniforms/etc encouraging fans to buy all new sets of football covered crap, Snyder could make a lot of money for himself if he'd just get over his stubborn racism for five minutes.
Sorry, I don't follow baseball.
The Dodgers should change their name to the Conscientious Objectors.
Oscar Wildcat
and the Bears should change their name to ...oh skip it.

And the Nashville Tapdancing Negroes will have to become the Nashville Thurgood Marshalls. FREEDOM IS DEAD IN OBAMA'S DICTATORSHIP.

infinite zest
yeah seems like Baseball and Basketball do it all the times (i.e. LA Jazz to SLC and Minneapolis Lakers to LA.. in either case there's neither of those things in their respective a-huh huh huh..) I still have my Seattle Supersonics and NOLA Hornets shirts somewhere.. it doesn't seem like that much of a financial disaster: NOLA's the Pelicans now and Seattle doesn't have a team.

Wait, the guy complaining about the cost of changing the team name because they have to pick a new colour scheme was NOT a fucking Redskins PR guy? What the fuck is wrong with you, NYT?
What an ass.
I might buy a bunch of unlicensed crap just to piss him off.
Yes, tell us more about the millions of dollars you've been making off this racist name all this time. I'm sure it'll help us feel bad for you.
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