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Category:Classic TV Clips, Video Games
Tags:SNL, dennis miller, Victoria Jackson, read the comments
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Comment count is 12
Did.. did I just find Victoria Jackson kinda hot?
It's the Grainy Old VHS Recording of Dorian Gray.

For both of them.

She was kind of hot but the video quality is definitely helping too.

Come to think of it, my metaphor is off -- it's more like both their Dorian Gray VHS image eventually said "screw it, these two have become total tools" and gave up on preserving their physical appearances.

infinite zest
dumb question but I couldn't find anything.. was this scripted? Miller seems to be looking towards where I'd imagine the cue cards are in a slightly concerned way.

Also, the short brown hair makes her look a lot like Exene Cervenka in the 80s

Whatever would make you think this wasn't scripted, i_z?

infinite zest
like I said, it's a dumb question. It's more a question of Miller's body language (or lack thereof.) Usually if a show intentionally breaks a fourth wall there's more interaction and not someone sitting there as if to say "what's going on?"

Then again, neither of these two could ever act.

An unscripted piece that involves two wigs?

To think both these people would turn into Fox News trainwrecks a couple decades later.

the YT description points a finger at Victoria Jackson being a liberal masquerading as a conservative, saying asinine things in order to undermine their cause.

Yeah, the comments are the main reason I submitted this actually, but I forgot the tag.

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