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Desc:The 'Road Rovers review' guy did one for Sonic, too.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:autism, Sonic, MDTartist83
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Comment count is 11
5:20 - 6:53: Oh wow.

6:53 - 8:00: Amazing.
The comments are adorable and delightful.

He claims there's a decline in quality animated programs. I'm assuming "quality" must mean abundant in anthropomorphic dogs.
Part 2:


He's got another Review that I'd like to submit; it's for a fairly obscure show, Grimm's Fairy Tales Classic, but IMO it's the funniest one he's done. I don't want to saturate the front page with his videos, so would anyone mind seeing it now?
don't keep it to yourself

I'm a fan. I hope he reviews the Diamond Dogs episode of MLP:FIM someday.

OK, it's in the hopper. May God have mercy on us all.

infinite zest
My heart bleeds for Ari too

Lay it on us

Xenagama Warrior Princess
It took me a while to remember who the Road Rovers guy was but it is like a stench engraved in the back of your brain.

You can never forget it. There will be some sort of trigger that sets off a slow moving series of events and before you try to repress the memory, it is there like a pile of garbage rotting in the sun.
Jet Bin Fever
How many lives has this show helped destroy?
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