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Desc:The absolutely gorgeous 1930s-animation-styled platformer.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:1930s, better games, cuphead
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wimpy goat
Comment count is 16
I've been interested in this game for a while. I was hoping to see more from it at E3, but it was buried in Nintendo circlejerk.
It looks so good that I can only assume it's going to have serious gameplay deficiencies.
Here's hoping it won't be a 21st century Dragon's Lair.

infinite zest
Looks like a pretty standard 2D platformer, gameplay-wise. Unless programmers have forgotten completely what makes a Super Mario 3 great and a Chuck Rock horrible, it should be just fine.

Never underestimate the ability of game designers to fuck up simple formulas.

It's going to be a run and gun ala Gunstar Heroes. No problem there. I LOVED that game.

So Gunstar Heroes meets 30's cartoon peyote trip.

infinite zest
One thing I don't like about new games is the constant pop-up reminders that you're supposed to press A to look in a box, or X twice to double jump, things like that and the "achievement unlocked" stuff.. that'd really take me out of the universe.

The game's gimmick seems to be that literally every level is a boss level. It's like the game is actively trying to inextricably bury itself into the player's memories by consisting entirely of moments that could potentially be memorable.

Looks amazing.
Kid Fenris
If it's playing true to its inspirations, it needs an uncomfortable old-timey racist stereotype that players will either ignore completely or rationalize in bloviating Cartoon Brew posts.
5'd because they already have the Jewish flower.

Robin Kestrel
Master Shake Junior.
Looking forward to any celebrity cameos.
At what point do I get to beat the shit out of Woody Woodpecker?

I really don't want to have to shell out the bucks to buy a Sexbone but if it's good I might.

Sigh. This is a dildo formed specifically to my asshole.
It's coming to PC as well, so hope is not lost.

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