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Desc:(This has been done before but is now faster)
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:NES, Super Mario Bros, what hell sounds like, tas, sensory overload
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il fiore bel
I didn't even make it past 1:50 and I feel like I've had a complete gaming day.
TAS videos are an art, and like all challenging art this gives me a massive migraine.
The God of Biscuits
It's a Super Mario polyglot!
infinite zest
I'll just pretend I didn't see the. "Tas" tag and imagine myself trying to do this in 4th grade with 2 nintendos. I don't think I made it past the first level.
Herr Matthias
Particularly impressive since three of the games have a time limit and the fourth (American SMB2) is nothing like the others.
Really the only two games with that much similarity are SMB and SMB 2 JP. 3 has quite different play mechanics from the others as well; backtracking, flying, and map navigation for example.

Really, I think it's the different play mechanics that make this possible - being able to hammer on inputs for one game that aren't responded to by another game, for example.

I like how they all finish at exactly the same time, too.
Prickly Pete
Wow, what in God's name happened at the end of SMB3? He glitched from World 7 to the ending. Never seen that one before.
No Game, No Life
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