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Desc:I'm going to tell the next bible bashers I meet that I've had a vasectomy.
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:Christian, toilet, logic, Transgender, Gordon Klingenschmitt
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Comment count is 32
I'm assuming "Dr. Chaps" is his grindr profile name?
Dude isn't Grindr material. Growlr, maybe.

The Great Hippo
So if someone 'wounds' this dude's balls, he will no longer be allowed to preach?

I'd really love to see the weasel logic he'd use to explain how that wouldn't be the case.
I'm glad to be mostly obsessed with Lovecraft, Italian food, & horror games. I simply can't imagine having every waking thought centered on hating gays & transgendered people.
When God said "I don't want any dickless wonders in my church" He should have made it clear that He was talking about people like this guy, not transsexuals.
Oscar Wildcat
Heaven forfend this man should get prostate cancer. HEAVEN FORFEND!

Your stars, sir. Thanks for the smile.

Adham Nu'man
"No man who has any defect may come near: no man who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed; no man with a crippled foot or hand, or who is a hunchback or a dwarf, or who has any eye defect," -Leviticus 21

Nice try by this four eyed fuck, but it seems his magic book of spells works against him.

Oh wow, I never knew you'd go to hell if you're cock or balls got injured.
Oh good grief, the church have been castrating people for years.
il fiore bel
"...Even after a man is castrated, he is still a man..."

Careful now, that's one step closer to agreeing with SCIENCE.
il fiore bel
Also, I keep reading the first part of the tags as "Christian toilet logic" and Klingenschmitt as "Klinging shit"

There are some exceptions with transgender conditions that make it ok for someone who technically has XY chromosomes to use the women's bathroom, but when it's someone who has no genetic abnormalities and is simply an XY that cut some pieces off, it's kind of rude to misrepresent yourself like that.

It's obviously not on the same level as someone who hides being a post-op to sleep with someone who's straight or otherwise under the impression the person was born as the gender they present themselves as.

Using the wrong bathroom is more of a "wearing white after labor day" kind of deal. Nobody should give a shit.

Conversely, you'd think someone as bigoted and neo-fundie as Dingleschmitt/Klingonberry would WANT those nasty transgenders out of his sacrosanct male bathroom of purity. His ranting makes me think he WANTS them to use the same room as him.

Maybe he just wants to take a peek.
Are you for real?

You sack of shit.

This is old school gmork. He's always been a piece of shit, it wasn't always just about guns.

Shoebox Joe
Paranoia and guns do go well together.

Shoebox Joe
P.S. if any of your crony friends tell you you're not paranoid for what you just said, then you really don't believe there's a rigid direction to what's "practical" whether smattered with religious culture or not.

I'm a piece of shit why, exactly?

Please tell me which part of my post offended you the most.

Did you not understand the sarcasm? Because it sounds to me like you're pretending there is some controversy there that doesn't exist.

I compared using the wrong restroom to 'wearing white after labor day'. Wow I must be fucking hitler.

Seriously shaking my head. I think you WANT there to be something controversial in my OP because the subject is touchy, but honestly you are fucking reaching if you're trying to insinuate that there was any bigotry in it.

Maybe you missed the part where I said "it isn't a big deal and nobody should care". Or maybe you just hear what you want to hear. Or you got offended because I said "cut some parts off" to describe male to female surgery.

Isnt that what they do, cut parts off and re-design that area? Oh boo hoo I used less than delicate words. The fact remains there was zero vitriol toward LGBT or transgender people, and youd have to be a fucking moron (yes, all three of you, and many more) to see that where it doesn't exist.

Par for the course for you knee-jerk types, though. You must have lonely existences to project your own hangups onto others.

Also not sure what shoebox is talking about "paranoia" for.

That is so completely non-sequitur. In fact, all of your responses are completely non-sequitur to my OP.

But no, keep on making stupid assumptions about me that weren't true the first time you said it and are less so the 50th time you smashed that retarded notion out on your keyboard and hit return.

Shoebox Joe
Here's a question, Gmork. Would it really matter if they were a hermaphodite? Because that's what you're saying is the ruling factor of whether it's rude or not. Do you seriously expect people to ask if they were a hermaphodite in the bathroom or either freak out and think it's a pervert or shrug it off as a botched job/someone who doesn't know how to look the part/can't look the part but does so anyways.

Shoebox Joe
The paranoia is aimed towards your second paragraph. Which coincides the "culture of practicality" that you're displaying.

Joe - you obviously missed the part where I said "nobody should care". I certainly wouldn't give a fuck.

So if it doesn't bother me and I don't care, what the fuck are you trying to even say?

My second paragraph was comparing how small of an indiscretion using the opposing bathroom is by someone who is lgbt or trans in comparison to a misrepresentation of your sexuality that COULD be harmful or hurtful to another person. (lying about having an operation to sleep with the same sex).

The whole point was that it was a silly thing for anyone to actually get upset over. I said that It was my OWN OPINION that it was "kinda rude" to misrepresent yourself, but I fully acknowledged the fact that in nature there are many special cases that provide exception to normal convention, and that IF IT DID HAPPEN I WOULD NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK OR DO ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY. And I said as much that nobody else should be unduly bothered.

I'm sorry, Gmork, but sticking people in an oven is NOT not giving a fuck.

Why you gotta be Hitler?

Oscar Wildcat
Gmork is worse than Hitler. Gmork is ...Radio Shack.

see when you say shit like "(lying about having an operation to sleep with the same sex)" in the context of what transsexuality is about you're continuing to be a sack of shit.

"but when it's someone who has no genetic abnormalities and is simply an XY that cut some pieces off, it's kind of rude to misrepresent yourself like [the gender that you are]" is a shitty thing to say.

"It's obviously not on the same level as someone who hides being a post-op to sleep with someone who's straight or otherwise under the impression the person was born as the gender they present themselves as" is a shitty thing to say.

Trying to explain why those are shitty things to say is beyond the scope of what I have patience for right now.

Here's an attempt though:

You are perpetuating the mistaken belief that transsexuality is the same thing as being gay, and that transsexuals are just ultra-gay people who want to trick straight people into sleeping with them.

"And if he isn't allowed to enter the church, he _certainly_ isn't allowed to enter the women's bathroom."

Wait, which of the two places is sacred?

the Eucharist
Architeuthis Tux
I think practitioners like to refer to it simply as 'The Golden Sacrament'.

>Klingenschmitt Says Those Who Can't Enter Church
>Shouldn't Use Public Restrooms

Personally, I don't have a problem with vampires using public restrooms.
il fiore bel
I have a problem when there's shredded red cotton all around the sanitary napkin disposal bin.

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