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Desc:A local newsman braves the Ninja Warrior course.
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:Ninja Warrior, no spoilers in tags, Joe Moravsky
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infinite zest
Pretty much everywhere he's going to be hot.
Then he won't need a jacket!

infinite zest
It's kind of humbling to see someone do something in real life that I'd have trouble with doing in a video game
Nah, these days, it'd be easy. The whole sequence would be part of a scripted cutscene, with a couple slow-mo QTEs thrown in there.

The difficult part would be sitting through the fifteen minutes of poorly-written exposition that takes place prior to the actual course.

infinite zest
I sucked at those too. There used to be this place called Games People Play where 5 bucks would get you in and all the games were set to free. I'm pretty sure with the number of continues I put in on Dragon's Lair I could've just bought the fucking cabinet thing.

In Dragon's Lair it wasn't so bad, because A - the whole game was like that, so you knew what you were getting yourself into - unlike, say, Resident Evil, where I want to play a survival horror game but instead wind up getting ten minutes of Call of Duty broken up by fifteen minutes of Simon Says. And B- the graphics were really novel for the time. There was nothing on the market that looked anywhere near as good as Dragon's Lair. Now that everything looks like a cutscene, what's the fucking point?

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