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poorwill - 2014-07-28

something about the word 'cremaster' just rubs me the wrong way

infinite zest - 2014-07-28


Waugh - 2014-07-28

that's not funny, dude. my great grandmother was cremated.

Sudan no1 - 2014-07-29

"Its conceptual departure point is the male cremaster muscle, the primary function of which is to raise and lower the testes in response to temperature."

fedex - 2014-07-28

fuck this shit, besides being 20 years old, Matthew Barney has never had an original bone in his fucking body, he just wants to be Jodorowsky so bad.

I mean you can even see the cremaster icon at :45

PlusDome - 2014-07-28

yeah but he made something.
Movies are art, this is art but none of these are movies(maybe 5).
Jodorowsky makes movies.

2 is like something that one metal kid and his girlfriend with the dethrock bangs would make for their BFA, if they had 20 million dollars.

infinite zest - 2014-07-28

I'm only five starring it because I like the memories. We had this movie FOREVER at a place I used to work at and I'd see confused couples leaving and I made little comics out of their reactions. Usually it was the hipster dude who asked his girl to go or something and neither of them understood it when there's really nothing to understand plotwise. It's an art exhibit. Barney, to me anyway is a lot more like Makavejev, but without the sweet sugary charm. This is really 20 years old? Fuck.

undecided - 2014-07-29

Screw you haters. Barney is a genius and this is the best thing he ever did. Btw these were made over a period of several years. The first movie Cremaster 4 is 20 years old. The last was made in 2002.

fedex - 2014-07-29

Jodorowsky wanna-be

Bobonne - 2014-07-28

The preload made me think of Rainbow War, a film I didn't know the name of until about ten minutes ago, actually digging up the details of a feverish childhood for 'that one color and paint based societies movie from elementary school' that I remembered so clearly, but without any of said details.

That was a pretty good short film.

Five stars for Rainbow War.

Snakeweapon - 2014-07-29

Holy shit you bunch of pretentious MFA's. Enough with the intellectualism and insightful in-depth critical analysis! Nobody knows what you're talking about!

fedex - 2014-07-30

you are clearly at the wrong webpage

Snakeweapon - 2014-08-01

You are such a rad dude with a bad 'tude.

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