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Desc:There's no uterus in your butthole.
Category:General Station
Tags:, youtube, knowledge, cream pie
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 14
How was creampie formed in porn? This is the de facto way to pork innit? You don't have to eat a creampie (unless you want you) and an anal-creampie is just an analpie, right?

Also describing pushing a stuck tampon out? Thanks for deflating my dick just as it was just getting semi-erect from your erotic drawings.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Every year, my grandmother's anal cream pie was the hit of the annual church bake sale.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Oscar Wildcat
fuck the what?!?!

John Holmes Motherfucker
Sorry about my outburst. For a moment, instead of saying "He jizzes in her.", I thought she said "He pisses in here, and I was momentarily confused and horrified. It's hot in here, and i have all the fans on.

I'm pretty sure that creampies became a thing in porn with the advent of amateur porn. Homegrown video had been a majjor innovator. Before then, pulling out had been established convention, dating back to the days when all porns were silent.

Pretty sure that the term applies to any internal cumshot, not just the deliberately shallow ones.

Robin Kestrel
That really cleared things up in a concise and comprehensive manner.
The Mothership
You forgot oral, honey.
I wasn't convinced until i saw the drawing.
Jet Bin Fever
Hahaha, gross.
She left out the part about comedic timing, and what kind of pie pan do I use for best flight without it weighing enough to cause injury?
5 stars for the progressive ending.
And so the internet continues to live up to its promise of a vast world of knowledge at your fingertips.
Oscar Wildcat
Erect "Lick" Santorum President of your Untied States.
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