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Desc:Railway crossing on a busy street in Massachusetts with no gates, just a flagman?
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:train, massachusetts, locomotive, EMD GP40, Peabody
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Hell, up in Taunton there is a freight train crossing that cuts across the middle of a state highway with nothing to stop you but a flashing red light that turns on at the last second.
Checking Google street view: Dean St. near Arlington St.?

I guess that too, but I was referring to the one on 1127 County street right after the mobil station. I guess it's not technically a state highway until after the exit, but it's a lot busier there than it looks on street view because of the mall and the highway on-ramp. Also note the lack of street lights, and the blind alley the train comes from.

Bonus! Go to the corner of Industrial Drive and see the T-Rex!

The Mothership
Massachusetts: America's India.
It must be awesome living in that house.
Oh yeah, I'd love to live in a house with the backyard bordering an active railroad track, although I'd soundproof my bedroom (and have it on the other side of the house from the track). And hope there's no curve nearby where tanker cars could derail and blow up the neighbourhood like in Lac Megantic, Quebec last year (48 dead IIRC).

I dunno, I can expect crossings without gates on rural roads, but this crosses the main street near a major intersection (Main & Foster) in one of Boston's largest suburbs.

I'm also amazed how close the corner of that building (which, I see on Street View, is home to Down Town Pizza) is to the tracks. Seems like there's only about a foot of clearance between the building and the locomotive.
In Vancouver, when you see rail tracks like around, it means they're not used any more.
Oh yeah, I remember a disused branch line that crossed St. John's Boulevard/Boulevard St. Jean in Pointe-Claire, Quebec (a major Montreal suburb) just north of Hymus. It didn't have the lights and barriers anymore, but it still had signage. (I think they tore up the whole line at the beginning of the last decade.)

I was almost hit by a train once at a crossing with no lights. There was a PSA about it I never saw until long after that.

Why don't they learn.
I hope it was "Last Clear Chance"

Almost happened to me once too, on the AMT Montreal-Rigaud line at Dorion station. It has (or had at the time a little over a decade ago) the wooden planks over the rails for crossing between platforms and there was a train pulling out of the station so I assumed it was safe to cross, but, of course, the train pulling out was obscuring another train pulling into the station in the other direction.

Obviously, I noticed in time to stop walking forward, otherwise I wouldn't be here writing this paragraph, but I certainly learned to never cross the tracks until the departing train is far enough out of the station that I can see at least a kilometre or so in both directions.

This is pretty close to where I grew up and yet I've never seen it.
Another reason why the east coast is terrible. Urban planning by cowpath.
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