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StanleyPain - 2014-09-09

rape threats on underage girls is really not something you get to live down by making shitty fan-funded YouTube videos.

If he had invented perpetual motion or something, maybe.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-09-09

It puts the cooking oil on its balls!


Black Napkins - 2014-09-09

I hate this guy, but he's instructive. People in the movement like to make a big deal about how great atheists are generally, and I continually try to make the point that we've got our on crazies. Conceptually understanding evidence doesn't make you automatically not a moron.

This is guy I'm thinking of when I say that.

fluffy - 2014-09-09

I don't think I ever cared for this dudes's style, even when he wasn't openly a misogynistic rape-threatening cockwhistle.

ashtar. - 2014-09-09

potholer is the only yourtroubre athieiest worth a damn

AA is just yelly and embarassing

joelkazoo - 2014-09-09

Like I always say: go eat waffles and masturbate, you neckbearded shitbag.

yogarfield - 2014-09-09

ring wingers are always more entertaining than their detractors. this dude gets fat off that low-hanging fruit.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-09-09

This guy sucks

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