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Desc:Only in America
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:Pumpkin, ssbbw, pannus, heavy breathing, squashing
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Comment count is 11
That's it, I'm going on a diet.

The sores D:

The fact that she looks like one of those joke anthropomorphic cows with the 6 tits D:

Bottom of her stomach looking like a giant ass D:

What is the point of even wearing a bra when each of your 4 additional fat mounds are five times bigger than your actual tits D:
Something something half-assed miguel-style comment about fatty terrorist training camps.
Fucking hell
Out of breath just by standing up. Now she's on the ground and she's going to need a crane to lift her. It's sad to see someone attempt to stand up and not be able to because a human like that isn't going to have the strength to lift 600 lbs of blubber and whale oil.
infinite zest
Hey, at least it's better than Oceania..
Sexy to somebody!
All the rage I feel is on behalf of starving people everywhere.
So much fat-shaming going on in here.
Grandmaster Funk
You could make a block of soap the size of a mini-fridge out of this lady.
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