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Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:music, red balloons, editing, 99 red balloons, of course theres a fetish
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Internet, you've done it again!
It really drops the balloon after the intro. Just repeating the same sound doesn't sound so nice.
infinite zest
Awesome. If I didn't live in a balloon-free house I'd totally attempt this right now.
infinite zest
If it's a challenge, I'd like to see Cocteau Twins tinderbox with an actual tinderbox. Might be doable

Do it!

infinite zest
I might try, maybe in minecraft but that's kind of cheating. A little off topic, but what's up with these 24 hour challenges? If I was a celebrity and someone challenged me to an ice bucket challenge and I didn't have internet that day, would I be fucked? "Zest thinks ALS is a GOOD thing. Don't watch his movies."

Needed to be done.
Sanest Man Alive
Agreed. Now if we could just get someone to cover Sledgehammer with actual sledgehammers!

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