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Desc:Gameplay prototype
Category:Pets & Animals, Video Games
Tags:indie games, lasers, CATegory, experimental gameplay
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Comment count is 16
I'm not buying this until they have fixed the pathfinding.
Also, the textures are all blurry when you get close to objects. Fix it, dev.

infinite zest
I'm waiting for the Linux ver. so not holding out much hope. I guess I'll just stick with the "let's plays."

That guy
kamlem's second comment


-General bugfixing.
-Pathfinding improved.
-Fixed an error where players would start with no cats.
-Fixed an error where cats would not wake up.
-Fixed an issue where more than one cat in a single house would cause negative points.
-Pink house location is now random.
-Added option to name cats.
-Texture improvements.
-Grenades now deal correct damage.
-Paladin's Sword perk now calculates damage to larger cats properly.
-If more than one cat is attracted to a single laser point, they will now fight each other to the death.
-Audience volume has been lowered and there are no longer generic taunts.
-Burgers no longer cause cats to explode.
-Fixed an issue where the song "Sunglasses At Night" would not shut off, even after exiting the game.
-Cats no longer accept Bitcoin.

That guy

- fixed: kitty floats across screen at shelftop level

infinite zest
Do I HAVE to update? I mean, I sort of liked the glitchiness of this version, even if it meant beating the damn thing was impossible.

For StanleyP.

That guy
What do you get if you make it to the pink house?
nicely done fluffy.
So this is basically like Frogger with a graphic update.
That guy
it's just tetris with cats

Herr Matthias
All the violence halfway through might turn off the casual market.
That guy

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