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Desc:Club Piscopo and hacky interviewers.
Category:General Station
Tags:Victoria Jackson, joe piscopo
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Comment count is 10
Woah, Guido Sarducci is still alive?
No, that's Victoria Jackson.

I just realized my aunt is a literal clone of Victoria Jackson.
I'd bang your aunt. Pls send nudes.

Haha, 97 views. How many of those came from the hopper?
Horrible interviewer infinity. Cocaine. "Desperately holding onto my hair because it covers my microcelaphic point".

These are just suggestions.

This is a pit.
Joe Piscopo has a club? I remember being in NYC in 96 and he was headlining a Grease revival or something. Kind of sad.
Adham Nu'man
See, this is how low her career has fallen just for having integrity. She could be on TV still but she is a person who is not afraid to speak her mind about what she truly believes. Her stupid, hateful, retarded beliefs.
All we need now is Rob Schinedier with his anti-vaxx rants!
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