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Desc:Not sure if serious or trolling.
Category:General Station
Tags:religion, black people, christians, hebrews, motherfucka
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Maggot Brain
http://www.adultswim.com/videos/the-eric-andre-show/black-scientol ogists/
this is like a 5 part play

oh hi dad are you drunk again

yes son i am your dad we are one. I know dad ;( XD
I wonder what baleen thinks?
I remember these guys fondly from New York because I worked in Times Square. They're insane. I'm pretty sure they got booted because they were harassing people. Their views on women are pretty nuts.

They're not that kind of Hebrew, Gmork.

They hang out in New Haven all the time. Sure, they're a little nuts, but at least they aren't Nuwabians!

EvilHomer taughts me a new cult! Yeeeeesh, Sun Ra wept.

I'm in Augusta, and there are a bunch of Nuwabians that moved here after the leader got busted for taxes and kiddie fiddling. Occasionally you'll see a guy in an Egyptian head dress at Target.

Not just kiddie fiddling, the largest most involved multistate kiddie fiddling in American history. An entire kiddie fiddling orchestra.

I like the one where they make that Jewish guy cry. These guys are nuts and there are more people like this popping up across the country.
Ha! It's pretty telling that whatever the one woman in the video had to say was edited so as to be unintelligible. (I know it was probably unintelligible irl, but it's still sexist)
Void 71
This is the black nationalist version of Christian Identity and it's every bit as racist and insane. The only difference is that they wear black sheets rather than white ones.
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