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Desc:That soccer player in navy is a no-selling jackass.
Category:Arts, Sports
Tags:wrestling, wwe, randy orton, steveozzi
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Comment count is 12
The Mothership
Oh god this is great.
infinite zest
The related ones are pretty funny too; some aren't in this one but it's mostly dupes at this point. The future is bright for this meme.

infinite zest
And to think I stopped laughing at the vineyard lady years ago.
Aubrey McFate
I love that little two-drame run/dance.
Aubrey McFate
Frame, rather. Two-frame.

Seven Arts/H8 Red

This is exactly how Crow 2 should have been made
The one with the milk, sheer perfection. It's his smug "I'm awesome" pose.
Did that shipping container one survive?
infinite zest
Here's the original:


He's fine, but ouch!

infinite zest
The finished short is pretty neat as well. It's amazing how a 0 gopro can do realistically what I'm only assuming were ,000,000 shots in the new Spiderman could not.

Thanks man * infinity.... zest

I bet those shots in Spiderman weren't nearly as expensive as you think. CGI has matured to the point where it's being used because it's cheaper than practical special effects and crews for location shooting as much as anything else. The vast majority of the budget in modern huge-budget blockbusters goes to hiring a couple of name stars and marketing, because shooting in front of a green screen isn't all that expensive and sets in that sort of thing are mostly CGI.

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