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Desc:Remember the lady who claimed to have 3 tits? That's what I'm reminded of...
Category:Business, Stunts
Tags:fusion, Lockheed Martin, really?, pie in the sky
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Oscar Wildcat
The Soviets were also really good at these "Five Year" plans. They worked about as well as you might expect.
Not really. The Soviets didn't have prices for capital or labor, and without those numbers planning was impossible.

As long as you ignore the cruelty and human suffering, the five year plans brought Russia from feudal backwater to global superpower. Calling them failures is a bit much. They were wildly successful in their goals.

everyone ignores the cruelty and human suffering.

unless it's our tunafish. that has to be cruelty free.

That guy
Herr Matthias
All the news reports I read on this kept mistaking "fission" for "fusion". That really doesn't bode well.
I have no reason to believe that a company that spent hundreds of billions of dollars building a plane that can't even fly has all of a sudden come up with anything that will make a true-to-life practical compact fusion reactor possible.
Yeah the F-22/35 project pretty much torpedoed any faith I had in Lockheed.

"We can design it" = "We haven't designed it yet"
Except fusion isn't clean...it gives off a lot of radiation and makes components highly radioactive.


Old People
"Restarting the Atomic Age" is not a comforting slogan.
I'll take solar, thanks.

let the sun worry about all that fusion shit.
I want to see his lab's tinfoil budget
Nuclear fusion, through the voice of Quentin Tarantino.
the best fusion is Vegeto and also Kamiccolo
Make spacecraft faster
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