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Desc:Esteban visits some old friends.
Category:Pets & Animals, Video Games
Tags:troll, second life, bronies, Esteban Winsmore
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Am I just super-exhausted and brain not working or does the brony area in 2nd life actually look like a legimately fun way to idly waste some time?
Please note, you guys are all up in poetv which is certainly a hot bed of weird degenerates (great weird degenerates of course!)
I think if you have that kind of time to waste you should maybe get a hobby or something.

In the last one it was demonstrated that the people who hang out in the brony area of 2nd life talk about things like how hot the 9 year olds in their life have been. Yeah, sounds like such a fun place.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I have a lot of hobbies. I make computer games and music and play gigs in my spare time. And also go on big cycles and build furniture and stuff. I always have a few 'projects' going. I like to keep myself busy... But sometimes you just gotta take a break and veg and watch cartoons!

I think my last comment really meant that the bronies on 2nd life just actually seem like decent aul skins tbh.

Did they upgrade the Second Life engine, or does it just lend itself really well to ponies? This looks a LOT better than most of the videos from the game I've seen.

The cartoon shader does look really good on that, yeah. Last time I used SL (ages ago) there was no way to do that sort of thing, and the character costumes were also very limited, but maybe they've changed a bunch.

playing with dolls has been made acceptable finally for adult men. Yay bronies
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