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Desc:Holland is a horrible place
Category:Horror, Classic TV Clips
Tags:holland, white people, barbarians, also their food sucks
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Prickly Pete
Sometimes I call my nads bon bons.
The theme park in the related vids.
infinite zest
Oh man I wanna go. All I have is Oaks Park :(

infinite zest
OK, Enchanted Forest, but that's not in walking distance. That one's usually listed on the top of fucked up amusement parks in the world, but I've never seen or heard about this one.

Does Enchanted Forest have cow tits and a rollercoaster where a dog farts on you?

infinite zest
Not exactly, but it does have an Alice and Wonderland "rabbit hole" that's just a sewer pipe, and a haunted house with Abraham Lincoln impersonator at the end, and a fairy godmother who doesn't work right who looks like Courtney Love and a bunch of other stuff.

Have you been to Enchanted Forest?

(Yes, another thread devolving into PNW talk)

infinite zest
Yeah it was our theme park growing up (we never went to Disneyland or Six Flags, just Enchanted Forest so I thought they were all that way.) It's a great place to do psychedelics at. The only place I think I've been to that's more fucked up is the House on the Rock in Wisconsin.

Theme park is in the hopper.

Freer than the United States. Take it or leave it.
Forget ISIS and dumb poor people. Surrendering liberties is the only thing that can save us from the real threat to America: the damn furries.

In youtube's related videos... Snot Apen.

I now never want to visit Holland or learn anything about it anymore.
The Mothership
You mean the left one looks like the right one?

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