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Desc:well, that's something you don't see every day
Category:Stunts, Nature & Places
Tags:Whale, Shark, stupid, surf, Australia
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Comment count is 7
I don't understand why this is so shocking. There is more than enough meat for the shark. The very last thing it's interested in eating is a human. As for this man, he's no dare devil. Just stupid. Now he stinks.
infinite zest
Yeah. Most of my family lives in Australia, and sharks are just.. kinda there. Sure there's warning signs but they're not just going to chomp you like Jaws or anything. Here in North America, we have a different and much more dangerous epidemic:


This was headline news on commercial channel news for at least 3 days down here. On the third day the leading news bulletin was "Shark boy footage went viral on the internet 3 days ago!"

No I'm not a misogynist, I was visiting my parents.

Not sure why anyone would want to jump onto a giant, sunbaked, rotting carcass. Regardless of sharks.
apparently, his friend dared him to

(I know, hard to believe)

Does he...stick his head in the bite hole?
All without even a high five when he got back on the boat.
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